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Black Goji Berry

Black Goji Berry,  Latin name Lycium ruthenicum Murr., which is also known as Black Wolfberries. Rich in protein and polysscharide,amino acid,Vintamin, mineral materials, micro elements, is the nature plant that has the most content of OPC (Anthocyanin), which is more than blueberry. OPC is the most effective water-solubility remover for free radical,  the strength is 20 times by Vitamin C, and 40 times by Vitamin E, is reputed as “Blue Enchantress”.

OPC (Anthocyanin) that Black Goji Berry contains make the the item show different color in different water. In acidic water, it shows purple, and in alkaline water, it shows blue. If we add lemon to pure water to make the water acidic the water will be getting red. All these are normal phenomenon.

SUMISHAN black wolfberry is produced in the core producing area of Qaidam Basin, Qinghai province, with fruit burging full and fresh fruit flavor. Black wolfberry rich in anthocyanin and a variety of vitamins, trace elements, minerals, soak in water can quickly release anthocyanin. Use warm boiling water below 60℃ to brew,can pour 8 cups of water; It is bluish-purple or purplish red after soaking in water. Suitable for people with skin maintenance and long-term use of computers.

Nutrition Facts of Black Goji Berry

A.  Anthocyanin (OPC):  Black Goji Berry is the nature plant that have most content of OPC that people knows so far. Anthocyanin (OPC) is one kind of special molecular structure biological flavonoids, is the recognized most effective nature antioxidant by globally.The content of OPC (Anthocyanin) in Black Goji Berry is 3690 mg and 163 mg in blueberry, 22 times to blueberry content of OPC (Anthocyanin).

Amino Acids: Black Goji Berry contains 18 kinds of amino acids, which are essential for human body, among them, the contents of aspartate amino acid, glutamic acid, alanine and proline were higher, and most of them are free status. Free status amino acids up to 50% of total amino acids.

Mineral Substances: Except common substances of  Na, K, Mg, Ca, Fe, Black Goji Berry also contains some micro elements Mn, Sr, Se, Zn, Cr, Cu, etc. And the content of Ca, Mg, Cu, Zn, Fe are much higher than Red Goji Berry, while content of Na is much lower than Red Goji Berry, this indicated that the Black Goji Berry is typical low sodium, high potassium and high iron healthy ingredient, have function of improving and high Iron deficiency anemia & hypertension.

Vitamins & Fatty Acid: The content of vitamins & fatty acids of Black Goji Berry is much higher than Red Goji Berry. Especially VC & VE content is very high. The oil content of Lycium barbarum was 5.54%, and there were three main fatty acids, mainly unsaturated fatty acids. The content of linoleic acid was the highest (71.48%).

Sugar: Total sugar content of Black Goji Berry is 6.9%, total content of acids is 0.735%, polysscharides and flavone content are both higher than Red Goji Berry.


1. Daily take, like snack, pour with water, etc.
2. Raw material for extracts.
3. Raw material of health products or functional food & beverages;
4. As one of ingredients of Cosmetics.
5. Nutrition supplements after sports.