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Brand Introduction

"SUMISHAN" brand belongs to Qinghai Kekexili Health Food Co., Ltd.established in 2006, is a collection of research and development, production, cultivation, sales, service as one of the whole industry chain group covering from Chinese patent medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, health food to organic crops. The company's main Organic Dried Red Goji Berry, Black Wolfberry, Goji Berry Juice, Crystal Honey, Cordyceps, Quinoa Rice and other Tibetan Plateau products. "SUMI Mountain" brand positioning in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau under the extremely clean environment, And with the support of cutting-edge science and technology, the production of high standard, high quality organic ecological agricultural products, so as to improve the regional desert environment."SUMI SHAN" is "Kunlun Mountain" also known as "XUMISHAN". In the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Wang Jia recorded in the book of Notes: "Kunlun Mountain, known as XUMISHAN in the West, is under the seven stars and out of the blue sea".

Products Display 

►Black Goji  Berry Series



►Red Goji  Berry Series

►Quinoa Series


►Crystal Honey Series


     Goji Berry Juice Series
     ►Saffron Series
     ►Cordyceps Sinensis Series

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