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Crystal Honey

Honey is a natural sweet substance made from the nectar collected by bees from the flowers in the hive. The main content of honey is glucose & fructose.Honey is the supersaturated solution of sugar will crystal at low temperature. The part that crystallization is glucose, and the part not crystal is fructose.

There is long history that people use honey among food. It is main food in ancient the Middle-East area, the 《Sheng Nong's Herbal Classic》 (2-1 BC.) marked honey as top garde and mentioned it have function of “remove hundreds disease”.


Our crystal honey is from our self-owned 2000 ha. organic plating base,  SUMISHAN Mountain Villa,which is located at the foot of Mountain Kunlun, Plants are all organic, including red Goji Berry, black Goji Berry,Quinoa, Rapeflowers, traditional Chinese & Tibetan Medicine materials, vegetables and fruits. The environmental feature of location and dry, few plant diseases & insect pests, no pullution, no heavy metal, clean water from mountain snow, etc., guaranteed the crystal honey is nature, organic and top quality, baume degree 42.
 According to different nectar source, we provide 3 different honey, wildflowers, rapeseed flowers and Goji berry flowers. Plateau honey is crystal ones, rich in nutrition good for human body, and can improve function of intestines and stomach, good for lungs, anti-age and beauty.

Nutrition Facts of Honey

A. Active Polysaccharides: Sugar content of honey up to 70-80%, among them, glucose up to 33-38%, and fructose up to 38-42%, and small amount of maltose,melicitose, sucrose, etc. In total 23 kinds of sugar. Proportion between glucose & fructose can effect if crystallization or not, with more glucose content can be easier to crystal. Both glucose & fructose are reductive monosaccharide, which are very easy to be absorbed by human body,thus honey have function of anti-fatigue.

Protein: Total protein content of honey up to 26%, this is the key point to distinguish quality of honey good or not.

Vitamins: Honey contains various kinds of vitamins, most of them are VC & VE.

Acids:Honey contains many acids, most of them are organic acid, including gluconic acid,citric acid,ethylic acid,malic acid,  tartaric,succinic acid,lactic acid & amino acid. Most of the organic acid from honey is essential for human body, and they make the PH value between 4-5, , and present special aroma. Acids are best material that adjust Intestinal flora, beauty(organic is one of free radical remover) and improve immunity.

Mineral Substance: Up to 17%, including Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Silicon, Manganese, Copper, Sulfates, Phosphates, Chlorides, etc. The mineral content of honey varies greatly among different honey type, and related to plat species and the mineral content in the soil.

Enzymes:  Enzyme is the main active substance of honey, including invertase (e.g. sucrase, amylase, glucose oxidase,  etc.), reductase, lipase, etc. Amylase is sensitive to heat, half of content will lose if stored 17 month at normal atmospheric temperature. Amylase is an important index to classify honey quality, the lower content of amylase the worse of honey quality.

Aromatic compounds & others: Honey contains aromatic compounds, including aromatic alcohols, aromatic aldehydes and aromatic esters, these make the honey special aroma. Besides, honey also contains pollen, flavone, alkaloid, etc.

Correct Usage

Honey can be eat directly, but to light the sweet we can pour with water no more than 40℃, also can match with milk, red date or lemons. To emphasize that the active substances will lose nutrition value if the water hotter than 60℃.


1. Daily take for nutrition supplements;
2.Raw material of cookie & biscuit;
3. One of ingredients of Cosmetics.