We provide our TOP QUALITY  ingredients to EU & USA customers with huge qty every season.


And we have our own brand SUMISHAN  promotion in domestic market, with high qulity and excellent marketing stragety our brand is very popular in domestic.


A grain of rice is as big as the Mountain SUMI in the eyes of the Buddha. 
We believe that we can build the desert area to be oasis by our effort to plant the seeds here and take care of them, water them to carry out the dream of “One seed one world”.



With this vision, we plant Red Goji Berry, Quinoa, and other plants in our base, where it is located at the foot of the Mountain Kunlun,  Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, northwest of China,the feature here is high altitude, lack of water, rare air, cold and strong sunshine, big temperature difference between day & night. But now after more than  5 years effort our base is not desert any more, though not oasis yet but they are green!  we improve the desert area to be planting base with green house and organic fertilizer factory, we are still on the way!


Education Demonstration Plot

Our organic planting base is recognized as  organic ecological Education demonstration plot for desertification control. We try ourselves and also attract others to joy with us.