Qinghai Shangguyuan Trading Co., Ltd. and Qinghai Kekexili Health Food Co., Ltd. belongs to Qinghai Kekexili Pharmaceutical Group with brother company Qinghai Zhirun Agriculture & Forestry Development Co., Ltd. together, which are owned by Mr. Huang, and located in Bio-technology Industrial Zone of Xining City Qinghai Province. Shangguyuan is the sales platform of all the agriculture products from group and brother company, combining online & offline sales and promotion, and export business. Products including Goji berry, Black Goji berry, Quinoa, Crystal Honey, Goji Berry Juice, Cordyceps Sinensis, Saffron Crocus etc.


Our brother company Zhirun owns a 2000 ha. organic planting base in Tuolahai desert area in Golmud city, and a 2800 ha. Wild black Goji berry meadow in Nomhon, where we harvest our products. The company are certified by BCS & CERES for organic products and organic production, also have certification of protected Eco-origin product by China.

Because our group company was develped from medicine manufacture business since 2005 and all our products are produced under medicine standard.

Our organic plating base and wild meadow both are in northwest of Qinghai Province,where the altitude is over 2800 meters, and the sunlight is very strong more than 10 hours per day, temperature difference between day & night is over 12 ℃, air is rare and dry, very few disease & pests. All these environmental factors guaranteed the Goji berry and quinoa, honey here are top quality.